Evolution travel pillow with flip-up hood

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Soft and more comfortable than any U-shaped pillows. A must-have for travelers who seeking an excellent head/neck support pillow during long trip.The hat will prevent as much light as possible that will wake you up. Besides, the adjustable drawstrings can be pulled to create added eye coverage to block out the sight around you.This hood as a whole allows you to isolate yourself and get some privacy.


This travel pillow looks like it was taken directly off of a sweatshirt, as it is made of the same material.


The flip-up hood adds comfort and warmth which is great if you’re bald or get cold in planes.


Material  Premium Sweatshirt Material (80/20 Blend)
Weight  400g
Scenarios  - Airline travel 
 - Short /long road trips
 - Business trips
 - Lunch break napping

     - 360 degree head/neck support
     - Unique design
     - Memory foam
     - Soft and comfy
     - Adjustable drawstrings
     - Block out light
     - Easy to carry and clean


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