Korean rolled omelet master

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Improve your cooking skills with this Korean rolled omelet master. We love this because it is quick and easy to make delicious egg roll with a few ingredients. Prepare ingredients that you love and start to made a unique egg roll with simple 4 steps.         



Step 1: Pour few drops of oil and cover inner wall evenly
Step 2: Add 1~2 eggs
Step 3: Waits for 5~8 minutes
Step 4: Delicious egg roll is ready for you
* Do not pour ingredients more than 2/3 of cooking machine



 Product Specs:

  • Product size: 9.1cm*24cm
  • Capacity: Maximum 2 eggs
  • Power: 210w
  • Voltage: 220V, 50HZ
  • Weight: 900g

Who'll love this:

  • Businessman. For those who are busy and no time to have a breakfast.
  • Household. Try hard to make new dishes? Get this!
  • Children. Improve children's self care ability.





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